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User Agreement Welcome to Mooments, a service of Volyty Pte. Ltd., d/b/a Mooments ("Mooments", "we", "us", "our") and our website and mobile applications ("Site"). Please read this document carefully because this User Agreement and Website Terms of Use collectively, "Terms") describe the legally binding agreement between you and Mooments, on which we offer you access to the Site and our Services, including the services provided by our payment processing company(s), an independent third party, e.g., Red Dot Payment (collectively, the "Service").

The Terms, including our Privacy Policy are a contract between you ("you", "your") and Mooments. If you use the Service, you represent that you are at least 18 years old, and have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms, regardless of the device or platform by which you access the Site.

We may modify the Terms (including our Privacy Policy) at any time in our sole discretion, by posting amended Terms to the Site or by sending you an email. If you thereafter use the Site or Service, you will be deemed to have accepted the revised Terms. If you see the word "including" in the Terms, it means "including but not limited to".

Your Account By using the Service, you agree to the following; When you register and create an account, make a purchase for yourself, send a gift to someone or when you send a Mooments eInvite, you agree: (a) to submit your own mobile number (b) your own valid e-mail address, (b) to create a password and username; (c) that all information that you submit will be accurate and not misleading; (d) to keep confidential, all aspects of your account including your username and password; (e) that you are responsible for any and all uses of your account, whether or not you’ve authorized such use; (f) to keep confidential all aspects of other Users’ account information that you may have access to; (g) to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account; and (h) that you will not use the Site or Service for any unlawful or otherwise prohibited activity; (i) You authorize your mobile carrier to disclose your mobile account details for verifying your identity. Those details may include your name, billing address, email and phone number, if available.

Mooments Service The Service allows you or a gift organizer ("Organizer") to easily purchase an electronic gift card for yourself or send electronic gift cards ("Gift Cards") to your friends and family. Mooments Merchant Gift Cards are issued by a particular third party merchant or Merchant ("Merchant"), and these Gift Cards are received via email or mobile or via our Web, Facebook or Mobile App. Gift Cards can be used online as well as at most physical stores in accordance with the applicable Merchant’s policies (See Gift Card Section below). Merchants and available denominations of their Gift Cards and their store locations are subject to change at each merchant’s discretion and redemption or expiration, if any of each merchant’s cards is subject to the limitations and conditions set by the merchant at the time of redemption. To use the Service, a user will log in to Mooments, choose a Gift Card, and follow the instructions for their specific purchase choice.

To use the service you need to register an account with Mooments. Registration on the Site, and use of our Service is free of charge. However, Mooments reserves the right to assess a fee or fees at any time in our sole discretion. To make a purchase, you must use a valid MasterCard, VISA, or any other payment method accepted as displayed on the Site.

Access to the Service is provided based on the option chosen when you register, and you should not authorize any other person or entity to use your unique User ID. You are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use. If you become aware of any unauthorized activity please notify us at the earliest at

Mooments does not have any control over a gift card’s intended Recipient, or any other Users of the Service, nor do we have any control over any of the Merchants. Consequently, we are not and will not be liable for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of your interactions and transactions with any Users, or Merchant, including any loss or damage resulting from: (i) making a payment, (ii) late or failed delivery of any product or service, including Gift Cards, (iii) any defect or other quality aspect of any product or service, or (iv) breach of any Merchant warranty, express or implied whatsoever. The dealings between you, and any Users or Merchants are solely between you and the applicable User, or Merchant as the case may be. We are not responsible for changes in any Merchant’s redemption terms; including any price change that may occur after you send a Gift Card but prior to payment for the applicable product or service. You understand that we do not issue Gift Cards through the Service. The issuers of all Gift Cards are the applicable Merchants and the respective Merchant has the liability for the Redemption of the Gift Card. We have no obligation to resolve any dispute between you and any other User or Merchant. Users may resolve a dispute directly with each other or with the applicable Merchant. If you have or participate in any dispute or its resolution, you expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mooments and its officers, employees, members, managers, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, representatives, and successors from and against all third party claims, costs, losses, liabilities and expenses (including damage awards, settlement amounts, and reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, whether incurred as the result of a third party claim or a claim to enforce this Term), and other damages of any kind, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed, liquidated or otherwise (collectively, "Losses") related to such dispute.

You and other Users provide information and other content to the Site and the Service ("Content"). We do not control, endorse or verify any Content. You understand that we may use your Content to provide the Service and for statistical, analytical, reporting and other purposes (see our Privacy Policy).

We reserve the right to cancel a User account at any time for any reason in our sole discretion. User accounts may be cancelled for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Submitting any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, bigoted, racially offensive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable Content
  • Any sexually explicit Content
  • Language or User conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any applicable law or regulation
  • Posting any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, "spam," or junk mail, including "chain letters" and "pyramid schemes"
  • Submitting any Content that is alleged to infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary right
  • Uploading a virus or Content designed to disrupt, limit, or damage any functionality of any computer software or hardware
  • Posting Content originally posted by another User without permission or attribution
  • If we in our judgment and sole discretion deem it appropriate.

If there is content that is objectionable for any of the above reasons or otherwise, please let us know by sending us an email to We will review your concerns, but we have the right in our sole discretion to make the final judgment on whether any Term has been violated and to determine what, if any, action should be taken.

Mooments processes payment transactions on your behalf each time a payment is made. All gift cards can be redeemed by the recipient of any gift as applicable. Except for mooments gift cards, mooments is not the issuer of any of the gift cards available through the service or on the site. The issuer is the merchant for the applicable gift card.

GIFT CARDS TERMS OF SALE Mooments provides consumers with opportunities to purchase Gift Cards to be used at third party Merchants. From time to time, Mooments may have offers that are conditional to a time limited promotion. We reserve the right to interpret these rules in our sole discretion, and you hereby agree to our interpretation.

Both Mooments and our participating Merchants may offer Mooments’s Users the opportunity to send targeted free Gift Cards ("Promotional Gift Cards") to be used for products and services at select Merchants stores and on their websites. Both Mooments and our partner Merchants can choose our target groups based on gender, location, age, etc. and may at their sole discretion issue a limited amount of free Gift Cards to be sent to the respective target group. Promotional Gift Cards expire based on the Merchant instructions.

Mooments Users can also choose a participating Merchant and purchase a Gift Card to be delivered electronically to a friend at predetermined values. Users friends are defined by friends available through the users email, mobile number, Facebook account and other methods. By placing an order for a given Gift Card, you agree to purchase the Gift Card you have selected on the Merchant terms, restrictions and conditions associated with the Gift Card. Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a confirmation of the purchase and your credit/debit card, or other account will be charged for the amount of any paid portion of the Gift Card value. Once the purchase is confirmed the Gift Card will be sent to the selected friend using Mooments’s Site and associated platforms at the direction of the Sender. You are required to register an account with Mooments in order to purchase or receive any Gift Card. An account is required to ensure the authenticity of your transaction and also to collect your payment information and provide you with higher security while redeeming Gift Cards, view your past purchases, and modify your personal preferences.

Unless otherwise stated by the applicable Merchant, the Gift Card is not redeemable for. The expiration date for a Gift Card (if any) is as displayed on the Gift Card.

Unless otherwise stated at the time a Gift Card is purchased, the Gift Card price does not include sales taxes, value added taxes or any other taxes which may be charged to you separately by the Merchant at the time you redeem the Gift Card.

Mooments is not the issuer of the Merchant Gift Cards. They are issued by the Applicable Merchant and as such the Merchant shall be fully responsible for any and all injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs suffered by or in respect of a customer, caused in whole or in part by the Merchant or its products and services, as well as for any unclaimed property liability arising from unredeemed or partially redeemed Gift Cards. By purchasing a Gift Card from Mooments, a User acquires the right to redeem a Gift Card issued by the participating Merchant and to use the Gift Card subject to the Merchants terms and conditions and the Terms of this Agreement. Whether the User chooses to redeem the Gift Card prior to its expiration date (If any) is within the user’s sole control and at the user’s sole discretion.

All risk of loss and title for the Gift Card will pass to the Purchaser, or Recipient (as applicable) upon electronic transmission to such individual. Mooments is not responsible if a Gift Card is lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission. Mooments is not responsible if any Gift Card is rendered unsuitable for redemption through no fault of Mooments. If your Gift Card order is incorrect, you must notify Mooments within 30 days and provided the balance on the Gift Card has not been spent and has not changed from the original amount, we will make our best reasonable efforts to correct the error. If Mooments is not notified of any error within 30 days of the date of electronic transmission of the Gift Card, the Gift Card will be deemed to be satisfactory. Participating Merchants’ Gift Cards must be redeemed at the applicable Merchant’s website or physical retail store, subject to the Merchant’s then current terms and conditions.

No single User may purchase or send more than SGD 2,000 on any single Gift Card sold on Mooments on any single day, and no User may purchase or send an aggregate of Gift Cards on Mooments in an amount greater than SGD 2,000 in any single day in one or more transactions.

Mooments Gift Cards Mooments offers and Mooments Gift Card that is designed to allow Users to purchase any Merchant brand offered at the Site. Gift Cards must be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible Merchant Gift Cards available at the time of redemption at the Mooments website or any of our affiliated web sites, subject to change at our sole discretion. Purchases are deducted from the Mooments Gift Card balance. Any unused balance will be placed in the recipient's Mooments account. If an order exceeds the amount of the Mooments Gift Card, the balance must be paid with a credit/debit card or other available payment method. To view Mooments Gift Card balances, click on "My Wallet" to view your balance.

The risk of loss and title for Mooments Gift Cards pass to the purchaser upon our electronic transmission to the purchaser, recipient or delivery to the carrier, whichever is applicable. We are not responsible if an Mooments Gift Card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission.

Mooments will have the right to close customer accounts and bill alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained Mooments Gift Card is redeemed and/or used to make purchases on Mooments or any of its affiliated websites.